LTC Qualification

LTC Qualification

Welcome to Southlake CHL operated by Affirmative Defense, LLC.  Whether you are an experienced firearms user or a novice shooter, we make acquiring your concealed handgun license informative and comfortable. We understand that you want to take charge of your safety, and we’re here to help.

Please enjoy the information on the site, and contact us when you have questions or are ready to sign up for your class.  Thanks for visiting!

Here’s what recent class participants had to say about their Texas LTC class experience:

“I found the class fast paced and informative, instructor is friendly and humorous”
– Kim G., July 2018

“I am a retired federal agent.  This class was excellent and Mark would be an excellent firearms instructor and force continuum instructor.  Great handle on material.”
– Gil S., June 2017

“I am glad I attended the course.  It was well worth the time.  I walked out the course feeling that I am equipped with the laws for the state of TX.”
– Lorraine L., May 2017

“Mark is very down to earth and is informative of all the requirements of LTC.  He keeps you engaged throughout and the time flew by.”
– Phillip K., January 2016

“I highly recommend this course for all CHL/LTC applicants.  Mark is very knowledgeable and thorough about all aspects of CHL laws and procedures.  He also offers great insight and recommendations based on his experience.”
– Joan S.,  December 2015

“Anyone can provide acceptable service when things are going as planned, but you learn a lot about a business when things go wrong.  My gun kept jamming, so I could not keep up with the exercises.  Mark was very patient and helpful, but it became evident that I was not going to pass the range qualification with the gun I was using.  He let me go with the second group using a borrowed gun.  He stopped to help several people, and we actually went over our time.  Classroom time was interesting and informative as well.  Definitely recommend this class!”
– Randi B., August 2015

“Second time taking a CHL course.  This was by far the best.  (Old license expired).  Mark is entertaining as well as informative.”
– Joe H., August 2015

“Mark is awesome!  Loved this class!”
– Shelly F., July 2015

“Great presentation, full scope of valuable information relating to overall gun safety and CHL requirements.  Strongly recommend this course.”
– Tim C., June 2015

“The class was informative and taught with a common sense approach and a good touch of humor.  The time went by quickly.”
– Priscilla S., May 2015

“Was very energetic and knowledgeable.  Took time to answer any questions.”
– Kenneth H., April 2015

“The CHL class gave me more understanding of the use of force and consequences.”
– Rachel S.,  April 2015

“Great class, location and price.  Mark was a great instructor.  Will recommend to friends and family.”
– Steve W., January 2015

“Good balance of information, provided important information throughout.  Not boring”
– Clark L., November 2014

“Mark has a very easy way of presenting a very complicated and important class.”
Mickey F.   August 2014

“Mark does a really good job of conveying information from a citizen’s perspective, with enough humor and diversity to keep the audience engaged.”
– Anonymous February 2014

“I discovered Mark’s class by accident,but I’m glad I did. I had taken a CHL class several years ago and was expecting a similar experience, but I could not have been more wrong. Mark’s class is excellent. He presents all material as it can be applied to real world situations. He is an excellent instructor. Classroom and shooting range experiences were topnotch. All material presented was relevant and stayed on-point. Classroom or shooting range, Mark puts the student at ease. I have no doubt be has to be the best CHL instructor in the DFW area.”
– Marshall V.  December 2013